Retailer using Deck Commerce's Commerce and Order Management Software Checklist to gather requirements

Choosing the Right Commerce Software for Your Retail Brand Can Be Tricky.

Selecting and implementing software can be a cumbersome endeavor— but outlining and understanding all of your business requirements is the most sure-fire way to ensure a smooth implementation.

Leverage this free PDF checklist to uncover exactly what you need and help ensure that your ecommerce software enhances your customer experience—from storefront to doorstep—and positions your brand for growth.

Download the Checklist
Commerce & Order Management System Requirements

Download the free Commerce & Order Management Requirements Checklist

Download this Commerce & Order Management System (OMS) Requirements Checklist to: 

  • Outline your business needs throughout the entire buying process—from storefront to fulfillment 
  • Ensure internal alignment on software requirements to prevent hiccups and headaches during implementation 
  • Eliminate “surprises” by identifying unique requirements that may require configurations or customizations
  • Leverage the right commerce tools to protect (and enhance!) your omnichannel customer experience 

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