The Ultimate
Customer Experience

Your customer experience doesn't end at checkout.

Work beyond the aesthetics to build an end-to-end experience that keeps shoppers coming back again and again.

Use the checklist to:

orange check new Audit customer experience start to finish
orange check new Plan customer experience improvements
orange check new Increase customer lifetime value

customer experience checklist



How Does an Order Management System Help You Convert & Retain Shoppers?

Numbers Website

Get Shoppers to Your Site or Store


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Convert Shoppers on PGP & at Checkout


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Wow Shoppers


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Shoppers Shop With You Again



Take Customer Experience to the Next Level Through the Entire Order Lifecycle


Offer transparent preorder & backorder experiences.

Order Processing & Fulfillment

Offer customer-centric experiences and make fulfillment convenient.


Offer easily accessible, high-converting payment methods.

Returns & Exchanges

Give customers control of their return experience (and make it fast).


Quickly locate orders and help customers.


Offer convenient buy anywhere, fulfill anywhere, return anywhere options.


Optimize Your Customer Experience

Create the best shopping experience from beginning to end...and keep them coming back. 


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