Save time and money with automated order management

Create seamless shopping experiences & increase average order value without breaking the budget with an out-of-the-box order management solution.

  • Reduce call center support activities by 40%

  • Reduce labor costs for return processes by 60%  

  • Save an average of $4.42 per order  

  • Improve operating margins by 4% 

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*Cost savings assumes labor costs at $25 per hour.  Results of this calculator are estimated. Actual savings will vary based on specific business requirements.  

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Do More with Less.  

Make your team more productive by automating order processes: 
  • Reduce call center support activities by 40%

  • Reduce labor costs for return processes by 60%  

  • Save an average of $4.42 per order  

  • Improve operating margins by 4% 

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Automate order processes and make your team more productive.

During seasons of economic crisis, consumers’ purse strings tighten a bit more than usual. High inflation and unstable job markets make it critical for retailers to retain their loyal customers. And consumers aren’t the only ones hit with cost cuts—retailers and branded manufacturers have to “do more with less”.  

With over 62% of brands being short staffed and 69% saying it's hard to retain the staff they currently have, branded manufactures must rely on their order management systems to maximize their limited resources. 

While it may seem counterintuitive to invest in new technology during tough economic seasons, the reality is that retailers can’t afford to have the wrong technology in their stack. 

Enhanced Fulfillment = Better Customer Experiences

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Increase Revenue

Provide a better customer experience with more product and fulfillment options.


Optimize Inventory

Leverage inventory across your entire network—regardless of where it's located.

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Reduce Expenses

Ship products from the fulfillment location closest to your customer.


Deliver Orders Faster

Automate order processes to deliver items in the most cost-efficient and timely way.

Gain Additional Operational Efficencies

When you automate order processes, other departments benefit: 
  • Finance – Streamline reconciling and “closing the books”  

  • IT – Eliminated the need for IT resources to support order processing 

  • eCommerce – Front-end resources can focus on driving revenue and delivering high-quality consumer shopping experiences 

  • Fulfillment Ops – Warehouse personnel no longer deal with exceptions and manual support processes 


Why Brands Invest in an Order Management System

Say goodbye to spreadsheets and hello to process automation.

The average order process can include up to 14 steps. By manually processing up to 98% of all order processes, brands save time, money and improve overhead margins.  

Reduce call center activities by at least 40%.

Automating processes mean fewer errors. And fewer errors mean fewer customer inquiries. Let your customer service team focus on serving your customer well.  


Save money on expensive transit costs.

Route orders to the fulfillment location closest to the customer—whether that’s a distribution center or retail store. Consolidate shipments and improve margins by up to 9.2%.  

Turn a costly margin killer into a cost savings and customer loyalty builder.  

Automation reduces the number of returns due to errors and streamlines the returns process, including crediting funds back to the customer.